Oahu & Waikiki Scenic & Photography tours

When most people think about visiting Oahu they of think Waikiki or the surfing on the North shore. The island of Oahu has so much beauty the average visitor never gets to experience. We recommend a photo tour even if you are just wanting to take in some amazing scenery, take a few pictures with your phone or looking to take some spectacular shots with your more advanced camera. 

There are tours for everyone depending on what you would like to experience. Sunrise tours that begin on the beach with the light on the crashing waves, tide pools and new morning sun.  Then your tour continues to include vistas of the 2.5 million year old Ko’olau Volcanic Mountain range, ancient trees, sacred Hawaiian temples, tropical bamboo forests, and the most beautiful white sand beach on O’ahu. 

For a family tour we recommend the Circle the Island Hawaii Turtle Tour of Oahu with an emphasis on the majestic Hawaiian Sea Turtle or “Honu.” Sit back and relax as we chauffeur you out of the city and immediately immerse you into the real Hawaii. Throughout the day, will show you all of the wonderful island locations such as Turtle Beach and Chinaman’s Hat as well as introduce you to some of the most delicious seafood dishes on the island.

On this trip you’ll be transported to see a rural side of Oahu where you’ll learn about the unique culture and history experience some of the most sacred places on the island of Oahu. Bring your Ohana (family) with you on this wonderful family friendly island tour.

If you are looking for more of an afternoon tour the Colors Of Hawaii Photo Tour is Perfect for nature lovers who prefer a later start to the day and shorter walks. A 5.5-hour circuit takes you on a journey to bask in the glory of natural attractions, official Hawaii movie sites, and photo-worthy attractions that can only be found in “the gathering place,” our island, Oahu!

We have a great selection of different tours to browse and we are always available to answer any questions you might have. 


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