Maui Whale Watching Tips

Are you looking for a whale watching tour on Maui? If you have been browsing the different whale watching tours on Maui you might have noticed there all all kinds of different whale watching tours available in different areas of Maui. First is to choose the location you would like to depart from, then the size of the boat, type of boat,and the duration of the whale watch.  The most of larger boats, sail boats and some sailing catamarans leave out of either Maalaea Harbor, Lahiana Harbor. and a couple out of Kaanapali beach.  Most of the smaller raft style boats leave from the Kihei boat launch in South Kihei. Maui wale watching tours can vary in duration with most of them being 2 hours and special deluxe whale watches being 3 hours. Some of the tours include lunch or appetizers and some include your drinks so be sure to read the details for each tour. Beside seeing the Maui Humpback whales you may also be lucky enough to see our resident spinner dolphins or Bottle Nose dolphins that love to interact with the boats. When it comes to choosing a boat the sailing catamarans are little more upscale with only around 50-60 passengers per trip. The sail boats are a little smaller and more adventurous. The raft style boats accommodate approximately 24 guests and most do not have restrooms. They are not recommended for anyone with back or neck issues, pregnant women or young children. The larger boats can accommodate up to 149 guests. Due to the size there is plenty of shaded seating and they can be better for people who are prone to sea sickness.

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Some of the whale watching tours we have on ExcursionsHawaii .com offer a 10% off and some also include a free child promotion. These tours are clearly marked as you browse the different tours. 
 If you have questions about any of these tours please be sure to ask one of our customer care representatives. 

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