Ultimate Whale & Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure

Ultimate Whale & Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure

Duration: 2.5 Hours
$115.500 Adults 13 years or older
$105.50 Children 5-12 years old
$1,350 Private Whale & Dolphin Adventure
Ages 5+

Witness whales breaching & singing and Dolphins jumping & spinning!


Our friends the humpback whales, or gentle giants as we call them, make their journey to our Hawaiian waters during the months of December through May. During this time, witness these gentle giants breaching and hear their song from a distance.

Kauai whale watching tours are a must-do in Hawaii! They always leave families with a lifetime of memories and children are always left with a whale of a story for all to hear when they return home. Come join us for a great adventure!

**No snorkeling on whale & dolphin adventure

Duration: 2.5 hours
Ages: 5 years +
Check-in: Kukui’Ula Small Boat Harbor (Poipu Small Boat Harbor), 4637 Amio Rd, Koloa, HI 96756

Includes: Assortment of fruit juice, water, and light snacks.

What to Bring: sunscreen and a light jacket for cool mornings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get seasick?

If you are prone to motion sickness it is always a possibility when in moving water. Even more
so from the boat. We definitely recommend taking something ahead of time as we are unable
to provide any refunds for sea sickness. A few helpful hints to help prevent motion sickness if
you are unsure if it will affect you: limit acidic foods such as coffee, pineapple and citrus fruits
and juices prior to the tour.

What if the weather is bad?

Weather forecasting is most likely just like back home…not always accurate. Therefore, we do
use forecast models to look at how conditions may be…but the best fail safe method is to see
it with our own two eyes. Keep in mind that what is happening in one part of the island is NOT

what is always happening in the other. Many times in Poipu it is blue skies and sunny while
overcast and rainy in other parts of the island.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you choose to cancel the tour for whatever reason, you need to make sure to do it OUTSIDE
our cancellation period of 48 hours. Within 48 hours will be subject to penalties.


I am pregnant, can I still participate?

Yes! (From the shore). For safety reasons our vessel is NOT recommended for expectant
mothers. Please consider joining us for the Guided Shore Snorkel instead.