Kauai's Ultimate Scooter Adventure Dive

Kauai's Ultimate Scooter Adventure Dive
(Certified Divers)

One tank shore dive (no scooter) and 1 tank scooter dive - $195.50
Two tank scooter dive - $215.50
No Additional Charge For Equipment

Scooter Dive: (Underwater Propulsion Vehicles)

Certified divers will enjoy the latest BUZZZ in the dive industry! The motto is: “Why kick when you can fly?” These state of the art diver propulsion vehicles will pull or push a diver up to 2 ½ miles per hour. Our TUSA SAV-7 “With Saddle” diver propulsion vehicles are shaped like a miniature torpedo and are nearly weightless in the water. The comfortable handles and easy-to-operate trigger make these scooters effortless to operate. The advantages of diving with an underwater scooter are: less energy used, longer bottom times, more distance covered and they’re a ton of fun! If you’re feeling really adventurous and would like to get your PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle Specialty Certification, you’ll be able to dive “HANDS FREE”, using the scooter saddle! This is about as close as a diver can get to swimming like our “Hawaiian Monk Seal”!


All dives include:

Guaranteed small and personalized groups of 6 divers or less per instructor!
Detailed site and marine biology briefings before every dive!
Delicious snacks and cold beverages!
All pricing includes equipment at no additional charge!

The average time for a standard 2-tank dive experience is approximately 4 hours from arrival to departure. Should you choose to only do a 1 tank dive, the approximate time from arrival to departure is approximately 2 hours.

Located at the Sheraton Kauai Resort

Sheraton Kauai Resort
2440 Hoonani Road
Koloa, HI 96756