2 Tank Local Morning Dive

2 Tank Local Morning Dive

Duration 5.5 Hours


Certified Divers $159 - $179 Includes: tanks, weights, and FREE Nitrox

Snorkelers/Observers Age 8+ $129

(all prices shown are before taxes, fees, and any scuba equipment needed)

Come explore the waters around Kona

We invite you to spend a morning exploring two different dive sites, from almost 40 sits locally, along the Kona coast on our 46ft Newton Dive Special, the Honu One. On this charter, you can expect to see many of our endemic fish, view old lava formations, maybe spot the hard to find octopus, see a resting white tip reef shark, and encounter many other creatures that call this their home.

Kona Diving is the best diving in Hawaii. Our reefs are plentiful with loads of hard corals in a variety of colors. Butterflyfish, Moorish idols, eels, and schools of goatfish are common sightings. Octopus are a very common sight when scuba diving on the big island. We see them as often as every other dive often with multiple sightings per dive! Occasionally we’ll see larger critters while diving like whale sharks, mantas, turtles, white tip reef sharks and even humpback whales! Most of the best dive sights are just minutes from Honokohau Marina, where our boats are waiting, offering a great variety of dives in the Kona area. All in there are over 40 sites within a 25 minute ride from the harbor. Our reef scape is often diverse with lots of swim-throughs, caves, overhangs, pinnacles, and walls. Often times we will find interesting things like nudibranchs hanging out inside arches. Our experienced and highly trained dive guides have been scuba diving Kona’s reefs a long time. Some of them more than 17 years! Additionally, we offer wonderful amenities top side. Valet diving, free nitrox, plenty to eat and drink and superior rental equipment are among a few of the things that keep divers coming back year after year.

Kona diving has it’s benefits. Clear warm water, and little current make for ideal easy diving conditions. Visibility can range between 30ft(10m) on a bad day to 100+ft(30m+) on the better days with the average usually falling around 40-80ft. Kona’s varied coastline and protection from ocean swells makes for an even better time on the surface. We have the ability to tuck away from open ocean swells using bays and points for shelter. Our dive boat the Honu One is large and comfortable with plenty of viewing platforms for watching whales and dolphins on the way to and from the dive sites. We take a spacious maximum of 18 divers while our boat is technically capable of accommodating up to 30. The Honu One has a main deck, a spacious bow and an upper deck for lounging that accommodates 8-10 comfortably. Our knowledgable dive guides will brief and debrief you on all of the critters we see answering any questions you may have about them. We relish in getting to know our guests. Less experienced divers love Kona diving because it’s so accessible. Most of the best Kona diving ranges between 15-50ft. This means you will see tons of great stuff regardless of your scuba diving skill level. This doesn’t mean the diving in Kona is shallow. Most sites offer access to nearly unlimited depths with reef slopes unusually close to shore. This allows access to a variety of depth profiles for all divers! Truly exceptional diving is Big Island diving.

In addition to great diving, comfy boats, and experienced divemasters we strive to provide the complete experience. Valet diving means we handle your gear for you so all you have to do is show up and dive. Our experienced dive staff will set up your scuba gear and test its function. We will help you put your gear on so all you have to do is stand up, hop in, and start breathing! We will also rinse and store your gear for you so you don’t have to worry about it until it’s time to head home. You’re going to love diving with Kona Honu Divers. Kona diving like it should be! If you’d like to take advantage of our beautiful diving please give us a call so we can talk about the many packages we have available for you. There’s so much to see and do here underwater in Kona so let’s talk about what might be right for you. The ocean therapy awaits!

Diver Requirements
Proof of open water certification and higher
Been diving within the past 2 years. If you have been dry for over 2 years a successful checkout dive must be completed before joining the dive group on your next charter.
You must be in good health with NO heart conditions
You must be able to converse in English
You must dive with a computer
We require Junior open water divers ages 10-11 to dive with a private guide due to their depth restriction.
We require divers 12 – 17 years old to dive with a parent or guardian OR a private guide. Please call for availability.
We require divers that hold a SCUBA DIVER certification to dive with a private guide. Please call for availability.
What is included?
Experienced guides
Small dive groups – 6:1 ratio
Free Nitrox for those that hold the certification
Educational briefing of dive sites
A variety of snacks during your surface interval
Marine head
Hot water shower – a divers favorite!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I check in?

For your convenience certified divers and snorkelers can meet directly at our boat in the marina. Electronic waivers must be signed prior to your arrival at the boat.


Where do I board the boat?

Honokohau Marina, slip #32.5, Kona's Small Boat Harbor. You are provided directions in the confirmation email. Or in Google Maps "Kona Honu Divers Boat Dock"



What items should I bring on the boat?

It is recommended to bring a hat, sunglasses, towel, and a sweatshirt or jacket. Please bring reef safe sunscreen only. Please check your sunscreen for "benzones", if your sunscreen contains any benzones it is harmful to our reefs. Do NOT use it if you are getting in the ocean. We use, sell, and recommend Stream2Sea.



Can I bring my own snorkel gear?

Absolutely, you may bring your own gear.

We also provide all the sanitized gear you will need.

Regardless of whether guests choose our gear or bring their own, we encourage first time snorkelers or guests who want a refresher to attend our “Snorkeling 101” class where we share valuable tips to enhance the fun! “Snorkeling 101” is offered on the vessel by our highly trained crew right before snorkeling begins.


When/Whyt should I hire a private guide?

If you need extra attention then what is typically given in a dive group, if you are feeling anxious or nervous, have trouble clearing your ears and need extra time to descend, need to work on buoyancy skills, want to do a gear familiarization for new equipment, working on achieving better air consumption, are uncomfortable in a dive group, or just want to go at your own pace.

You have a 10-11-year-old Junior Open Water Diver
When you hold the PADI Scuba Diver certification – this means only 2 of the 4 dives for open water diver has been completed
When you have equalization issues and need extra time to descend
When you are a new diver and aren’t quite ready to be in a dive group
When you are anxious or nervous, or just want more personalized one on one attention
When you want to creep along and photograph your favorite critters
When you have a group of more than six divers and want to all dive together




Do you provide shuttle service?

Divers, students, and snorkelers must provide their own transportation to our shop and to the harbor, which is only 10 minutes north of our shop.




We are staying in Waikoloa or North Kahala how far away is you shop from our resort?

If there is no traffic 45-50 minutes is the typical drive time, but alas, we do have traffic (I know, it is hard to believe!) so make sure you give yourself extra drive time. You don’t want to miss the boat!



Can I do an introductory dive to see Manta Rays?

You must have your open water certification before you can participate in the manta ray night dive. Although, you can always join us as a snorkeler on the manta charter which is equally as amazing.




I am thinking about getting certified. Is there a way to try it before I enroll in the class?

Absolutely! Our introductory Discover Scuba Diving course is designed for those that have never dove and wish to try it out before they commit to a class.




How old do my kids need to be to get certified?

Our shop standard minimum age for certification is 12 years of age.




Can I join my family on their training dives?

We need to harbor a classroom atmosphere and limit outside distractions so you are unable to join in on the training dives, but you are welcome to join the other certified divers on the charter and tour the reef led by the dive guide.




Do I need to be a really good swimmer to get certified?

We do not provide hotel pick-ups. Our vessel departs from down-town Kailua Kona, at the north end of Alii Drive, from the Kailua Pier. Taxis, Uber and Lyft are options for transportation if you’re staying outside of walking distance.



What equipment do I need to provide for my certification?

You will need to provide your personal equipment which is a mask, snorkel, and fins. We offer a student discount for this equipment. We would be happy to fit you for quality equipment. Having an ill-fitting mask makes performing the tasks during your certification class more challenging. We will provide BCD, regulator, and wetsuit for the duration of the class.


I am a certified diver but I lost or forgot my dive card.

If you are a PADI certified diver you may obtain an e-card immediately from the PADI website. If you are a certified diver with SSI, SDI, or NAUI you can verify your certification by going to their respective websites and either print it out or taking a screenshot with your phone.


What is the best time to see Manta Rays?

Our manta rays are not seasonal, they are here all year-round. We see them over 85% of the time. Please remember while they are extremely reliable they are still wild creatures and we cannot guarantee their presence. See our Manta count page for an updated calendar of sightings


Do I need dive insurance?

Yes! Every diver should have dive insurance. Regular health insurance does not cover any scuba diving related incidents. We highly recommend DAN (Divers Alert Network).


Popeman wrote a review Mar 2021
Kirkland, Washington
Fantastic 2 tank morning dive on 3/3/21. First class operation with flawless execution on all fronts. Check-in was great. Equipment was good. Boat was well equipped and comfortable. My daughter did a discover dive course and had a ball. She was the only one on the trip to see the tiger shark and barracuda that day. For me, Taka was an excellent guide and pointed out many fun things for us to see. My dive buddy is a master scuba instructor and used to run a dive boat operation in the Caribbean. He has more than 5,000 dives and he was similarly impressed. I will choose Kona Honu when I am back in Hawaii again. Highly recommended.