SUP Lessons Kihei

SUP Lessons Kihei

1.5 hrs group $65.00 pp+Tax

Learn to SUP: Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) lessons begin on flat water, where you can get your balance on the stable SUP boards. Stand-up boards are larger and more stable than surfing longboards, which makes them more stable. The boards are ridden standing up, so some initial balance is required. The rider uses a long shafted paddle for propulsion and steering. There are different strokes you learn to help you turn and to make you go. (Steering is more about paddle-work in the beginning).

We start you out with a short 5 minute land lesson, then learn the basics in calmer water, before setting out for a tour around the reef. You will love this fun activity. Our experienced instructor will take you through the basics in our 1.5-hour beginner group lesson. Each lesson can be tailored to your skill level. *When Booking, choose your Date and Time, then select “Stand-Up-Paddle Class” as your lesson type.


Go at your own pace: rest whenever you like, slow or fast, it is up to you. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can try to catch some small waves. Maui has some gentle surf that is easy to ride. Most people will be fully satisfied (and exhausted) after their SUP session. We supply all the beginner equipment, and a variety of sizes to accommodate different people sizes. Bigger folks will need more flotation (please let us know if you are over 220lbs. Advanced sup-surfers can rent from a wide selection of different board sizes and types.

Our regular Beginner Group SUP Lessons are held daily at Kalama Park in Kihei. Just south of the whale statue. Lessons usually start at 8:30 am Monday thru Saturday. All lessons are by appointment and must be pre-booked. Gift certificates are also available. The minimum age for adult group classes is 9 years old. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Children’s lessons available for kids 6 years and up. All students must be able to swim. Life jackets available on request (please ask ahead of time). Please come to your lessons rested, fueled and energized, and be ready for a great new water sports experience.