ATV/Off-Road Adventure Tour

ATV/Off-Road Adventure Tour


One-Hour (Guided Tour) - (Two Person ATV)

Guests 6+ years old, 18+ to Drive

$289.99 Per vehicle with 1 or 2 guests, same price


Side-by-Side ATV (Seats Two) Conquer turns, ascend hills, and explore the jungles of Coral Crater


Oahu has such a diverse, rugged landscape, what better way to explore Coral Crater than by driving an off-road ATV?

Explore Coral Crater by driving an off-road ATV!!! This tour is guided through the jungle behind a professional driver in a lead vehicle. A specially-designed technical course awaits you, where our expert guides teach you some basic off-road techniques. Once you receive some pointers and go over the safety briefing, you’ll be ready to navigate our technical course.

Side-by-side ATV’s are especially fun because you share the experience with a friend sitting next to you as you conquer turns, ascend hills, and explore the jungles of Coral Crater. If you’re lucky, there will be some muddy puddles to splash through so don’t wear your best outfit if has been raining! Even if it hasn’t rained you will get very very dirty and dusty so be prepared!

The minimum age to drive an ATV is 18. You also must have a valid drivers license. NO exceptions. If you’re under 18 or don’t have a drivers license and would like to join this adventure, you can be a passenger during the tour as long as you go with a paid driver.


Tour Duration: ~50-60 minutes (~5 minute safety briefing & demonstration & ~50 minutes driving)

Maximum weight: 275 lbs. per person. NO EXCEPTIONS. You will be weighed at check in. If you are over the weight limit you will not be able to participate and will not be refunded.

Recommended maximum height: 6’4″. Those over this height will be cramped and uncomfortable.

Minimum age: 18 years old to drive NO EXCEPTIONS, 6 years old to ride as a passenger.

Maximum capacity per tour: 2 people per ATV. 3 ATV’s per tour = 6 people per tour NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have more than 6 in your group you will need to sign up for different tour times. We will not take groups larger than 6 at the same time.

Tour Explained:

When booking, the price listed is for ONE vehicle that seats two people. What that gets you:
That is the price if you want the vehicle to yourself.
That is the price if you share the vehicle with a friend. One of you will drive half the tour then switch seats and the other person will drive the second half.
That is the price for one driver and one passenger.
Passengers & Drivers Explained:

To drive you must be at least 18 with a drivers license. NO EXCEPTIONS
Passengers can be anyone over the age of 6.
For every passenger they must be with an adult driver. (You cannot sign up for this tour as a passenger only.)
If you have an odd number of people in your group one person will need to purchase their own two person vehicle.
Your group has more children than adults…..The only way we can accommodate if there are more children than adults… Say you have 5 in your family…2 adults and 3 children. Both parents can drive two of the children. That leaves one out. Unfortunately one child will have to sit out part of the tour and rotate in half way with another child. Same with 2 adults and 4 children. They will have to rotate in half way.
Important Notes:

Dress comfortably for this adventure. A change of clothes, ponchos and towels are recommended if it has been raining.
Closed-toe shoes are required.
Face masks, gaiters, scarves or any mask that covers both your nose and mouth are required on this tour due to dust/dirt and or mud. You can pre-purchase a mask when booking online, buy one onsite before the tour begins or you can bring your own.
We provide the goggles for you to wear.
All participants must sign a waiver prior to participation. Save yourself some time and fill it out online at the bottom left of the homepage where it says “Sign Waiver“.
Check in time is 15 minutes before the tour time. Please arrive for this tour on time. No refunds will be issued for late arrivals or missed tours. We are normally a 40-50 minute drive from Waikiki. It could take up to an hour or longer in weekday afternoon traffic. Please check traffic conditions well in advance to ensure you are on time for your adventure.
A $100 credit card hold is put on all reservations at check in for every driver and returned when the tour completes without damage. Drivers are responsible for ATV damages or injuries so please drive carefully.
We do not offer transportation to and from the park for this tour.

Safety is our number one priority. You will be accompanied by a guide at all times throughout the ATV tour. ATVs are two-seaters and operated with double occupancy. ***We reserve the right to remove participants from the tour if they are not following the guidelines set forth by the guides or are creating a danger to themselves, others or the vehicles. No refunds will be given.***


We are about a 40 minute drive from Waikiki with no traffic. Afternoon weekday traffic may take over an hour so please check conditions well in advance. We are about a 15 minute drive from Ko Olina. Please do not be late for the check in time for your tour. We cannot issue refunds if you are late or miss your tour.

If you do not have a rental car we recommend Uber or Lyft to bring you to the park. There is also a city bus stop outside of the park gates. Please do not use rental car GPS to find Coral Crater. It will get you lost. Please use Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am late for my tour?

Check in time is 15 minutes before the start of the tour. Please be on time. If you are late no refunds will be issued.

What is the minimum age to participate in activities?

The minimum age is 6 to do Ziplining, Adventure Tower, Freefall and ATV’s in addition to the minimum weight of 40 lbs.

What is the maximum weight to participate?

275lbs per person for any activity. All guests are weighed at check-in. If you are over 275lbs you will not be able to participate and we will not be able to refund you.

Do all participants need to have a waiver signed prior to enjoying activities?

Yes, all participants and observers must have a waiver signed. Participants under 18 years old must have a waiver signed by their parent/guardian. To sign the waiver go to the homepage and you will see it in red.

What should I wear?

We are an outdoor facility so dress for the weather. We operate rain or shine. Please wear closed toed shoes for all activities. We include all the essential gear (helmets, harnesses, etc.) for each activity in the activity cost. Chances of getting dirty on ATV are high so bring a change of clothes, towels and ponchos if you’re heading out to dinner afterwards!


Do you have food and drinks available?

We have food trucks in our parking lot that operate daily except Sundays. We also sell snacks in our gift shop.

How safe are the Zipline and Adventure Tower tours?

As with all activities, there are inherent risks associated with Zipling and the Adventure Tower. Our course surpasses the Association for Challenge Course (ACCT) standards and pre-use inspections on both the safety equipment and course occur daily. Extensive training for our guides are provided by Synergo, a Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of the ACCT. Synergo also completes our periodic course inspections.

What is your cancellation policy?

Individuals and groups can cancel 24 hours or more before the start of their tour for a full refund. Tours cancelled within 24 hours of the tour will not be refunded.

I’ve never been zipling before, do I need experience?

The beauty of our tours are that you do not require any previous experience or skills. Our friendly and professional guides will help you through your entire experience, from providing you with well fitting safety equipment, to leading you through the course.


I am pregnant. Can I go on your tour?

Congratulations! However, for safety reasons, we don’t recommend pregnant women participate in any of our tours. Please come join us in the future.



How physically fit do I need to be?

You need to be reasonably fit to enjoy our tours. There is some walking involved between some of the zip lines as well as a stretch which includes a short incline. Some of the walking paths may have loose footing and roots/rocks. Our tours are not recommended for people with back or neck injuries or for those with difficulty walking. You will need to be capable of carrying 15 pounds for the duration of your tour. Coral Crater reserves the right to cancel your tour if we are concerned about your physical well being.

My children are under 60 lbs., is there any way they can go ziplining?

Yes, it is possible for children 40-60 lbs. to tandem with a guide. Due to safety reasons they cannot tandem with anyone other than our guides. Generally if a child is under 50lbs they will have to go tandem with a guide. Those over 50lbs we encourage to go alone.

I see that the minimum height is 4’6″ for the Adventure Tower, what if my child is under 4’6″?

Our safety equipment requires participants to be 4’6″ or taller to independently navigate the Adventure Tower. Participants who are under 4’6″ are still welcome to participate but need to be accompanied by an adult participant who can perform necessary safety tasks.

My child wants to do the Adventure Tower but I do not want to accompany him/her. Is there still a way to participate in this tour?

A trained guide can be arranged to accompany those under 4’6″ by selecting the add-on option at check-out.

What if some of my family do not want to participate?

We understand that sometimes a few members of your party prefer to play the role of spectator or are not big enough to participate. For those people, we have a beautiful turfed area with picnic tables they are welcome to relax on while other members of the group are out getting their thrills.

What if it’s raining?

We run all tours, rain or shine. Conditions such as high winds and lightning may require us to suspend and reschedule your tour.


Do I tip my guide?

As with any tours/service, it is customary to tip your guides if you are pleased with your service. We now accept cash, credit cards, venmo or cashapp for gratuity.


Do I get a refund if I crash an ATV?

No. Most definitely not. If you drive responsibly, you will not crash an ATV. If you drive recklessly, you will be removed from the tour. If you crash before your guide can remove you from the tour, you will be responsible for all damage to the vehicle and will not be refunded the cost of your touer.