Mauna Kea Summit Adventure

Mauna Kea Summit Adventure

7.5-8.5 hours

$238 Per Person (with meal)
Lasagna included

$230 Per Person (no meal)
No dinner provided

Since starting this outfit in 1983 with an old Land Cruiser and a basket full of sweaters, my guides and I have had the enviable job of guiding nice folks, like you, to the beauty of Mauna Kea. For us, guiding Mauna Kea isn't a sideline or the greatest new visitor product. For us, it’s our passion, our responsibility and our pleasure.

We invite you to experience what is quite possibly the most dramatic and stimulating scenery to be found anywhere, either on or off planet earth. Journey to the top of this spectacular mountain in the comfort of our luxury vans, enjoy a hearty meal, watch the breathtaking sunset and stargaze at the heavens.


Key Points About This Tour:

• Professional Guides: As the pioneer guide service on Mauna Kea we have over 50 years of combined experience on the mountain.
• Van Terra 4X4 vehicles: huge windows, comfortable, coach-style seating.
• Astonishing Scenery: See surrealistic landforms, strange cloudscapes and a panorama of the night sky like no other. Excellent photo opportunities abound!
• Sunset at the Summit: The most dramatic spectacle in Hawaii.
• Stargazing: Learn about the night sky from Polaris to the Southern Cross and see the treasures of the night sky through our powerful telescope. *
• Trip Includes: This 7.5-8.5-hour excursion includes Arctic style parkas with hoods, a hearty and hot supper, gourmet hot beverages and convenient pick-up points. (natural conditions permitting)

What the Trip Includes:
• Arctic style hooded parkas and gloves
• Extremely informative narration from our highly trained guides
• Stargazing program with our powerful telescopes (weather permitting)
• Superb scenery and photo opportunities with Sunset on the summit
• 11" Celestron CPC 1100HD fully computerized telescopes with premium oculars
• Hearty 3 cheese- Garden lasagna served on the Visitors Center's lanai about 1.5 hours before sunset
• Gourmet hot cocoa, coffees and teas accompanied with biscotti while stargazing
• Convenient central pick-up points in Kailua Kona, Waikoloa or at the highway 190/200 junction
• Van Terra 4x4 micro-coaches - more comfort, more space and panoramic views

What to bring
• Water and dinner beverage
• Sweet munchies for the summit
• Extra batteries and memory for your camera
• Maybe a sweater or hoodie for mid-mountain
• Your sense of adventure and wonderment

Approximate Duration:
• 7.5-8.5 hours

Cancellation Policy:

Reservations are fully refundable on parties up to 4 persons until 24 hrs. prior to departure.
For parties of 5 to 7 persons 48 hours prior notice is needed. For parties of 8 to 10 persons 1 weeks prior notice is needed. For groups of 11 + 2 weeks notice is the minimum.

Of course, should we cancel a tour due to weather or for other reasons all payments will be refunded.

Should you find yourself ill before the tour please call us immediately. We may be able to fill your seat from our wait list (and save you money) given sufficient enough warning.

If you fail to respond to our communications we may cancel your reservation and refund your money. Please provide multiple lines of communication.
M.K.S.A. DOES NOT Guarantee the weather.