Maui South Shore Kayak Snorkel

  • West side Kayak & Snorkel Tour
    Public Tour Person $189
    Private Tour Up to 4 people $756

    Additional Person Private Tour $149
    Ages: 5+
    Location: South Maui
    Duration: 3 hours

Our newest addition to our tours / services include a one way unforgettable trip down the beautiful south Maui coastline. Enjoy the scenery, and don’t double back!. Paddle along the highly acclaimed south Maui beaches, exclusive beach front homes of south Maui, the high-end resorts of Wailea, and through to the renowned Makena Bay area (a.k.a. Turtle Town). This private one way paddle provides you with scenery, exceptional snorkeling opportunities and gives you shoreline views of south Maui second to none. This is a true explorer trip – bring your camera!

We’ll meet and launch at Kalama Park in Kihei and paddle one way to Makena Bay. Truly a great way to see some of the hidden areas, enjoy the scenery, snorkeling quiet reefs, and cruise the coastline… and what better way than by kayak! Kayaking about six miles, ending in one of our favorite areas – Makena Bay… you may know it by its nickname – Turtle Town.

A longer one-way paddle but on a normal day, currents and winds at our backs. Highlights include the fabulous beaches of south Maui, private beach homes of the rich and famous, the high-end resorts of Wailea, and of course the magic of Makena.

End up at Makena Landing (Turtle Town) where we will get you back to our starting location via rideshare program.

We Have Amazing Guides
The talent runs deep at Maui Eco Tours. Our guides and instructors are highly dedicated, skilled, and experienced professionals with a deep love of the ocean and the island, and they enjoy sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with others. Our guides are well trained and understand the importance of making sure that each guest gets the very best experience possible, whether they are kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, or learning another water sport. At Maui Eco Tours, our guides really do make the difference.

Our Guides Snorkel with You
This one seems like it would be a no-brainer, but it’s not. Only the Maui Eco Tours guides and one other company regularly physically get in the water and snorkel with you on each and every tour, every day. When you’re out on the water with us, we’ll come across other outfitters, and you’ll see what we mean. They have guests in the water while their guides are relaxing in their kayak! Not only is that bad from a safety standpoint, but it also really stinks in terms of personal attention. With our guides in the water with you, you see more marine life than if you were just snorkeling on your own, as our guides point things out, snap pictures, and are right there if you need them.

Chicago, IL
We booked on a whim since neither of us had every gone snorkeling with Sea Turtles and man did this not disappoint. Guide was awesome and was the perfect duration; half the time spent kayaking and the other half spent snorkeling. Just when you're tired of kayaking, its time to snorkel and vise versa. Also nice that it seems like every trip is a little different. Guide was really good about sensing out the wind pattern to make sure everywhere we went was kosher when it came to trade winds and not hitting too choppy a water.