Lahaina ATV Adventure

Lahaina ATV Adventure


Ages: Ages 7+  Duration: 2 Hours

    Adult Driver & Adult Passenger Ages 18+ with a Valid Drivers License $405
  Solo Adult Driver Ages 18+ with a Valid Drivers License $375
    Adult Driver & Child Passenger Adult must be Age 25+ with a Valid Drivers License $390
    Additional Adults 18+. Must select a driver first. Adult passengers may switch out as drivers. $189
  Additional Children Ages 7 - 17. Must select a driver first. $149

Explore the hills of Lahaina by ATV on this Maui Adventure!

Join us for a scenic ATV tour through some of the most breathtaking areas of Maui. Get your heart racing as you drive in one of today’s most advanced off-road vehicles, the Honda Talon 1000X-4. These four-seater side-by-side ATVs are built for adventure, and our knowledgeable guides lead you through this pristine terrain.

Many areas on our miles of epic trail are accessible only by ATV or helicopter, so you have a chance to explore a side of Maui you have never seen before and few are ever granted access to. Get your friends and family together for one of the most memorable activities you can experience here on Maui.

This tour is for the off-road adventure enthusiast! In addition to the views, livestock, and wildlife, this tour really lets you and your guests see the full capability of these ATVs. With thrills around every corner, this tour is sure to quicken your pulse and put a smile on your face that will last well after your plane has arrived home.

The experience includes bamboo forest runs, mud, hill climbs, river crossings, jungle canopy, forest, tight turns, as well as some decent straights to open these machines up a bit. Never a dull moment. Always exciting.

All vehicles seat four people. All drivers selected are assigned one vehicle with the option to add passengers — solo drivers do not have the ability to add passengers.

This is definitely an off-road adventure.
Expect to get very dirty and possibly soaking wet (how wet you get is controlled by the driver and how they choose to drive through mud and riverbeds).
Prepare for a chance of rain — raincoats are available for rent or ponchos for purchase.
Clients MUST understand that this is an off-road adventure and they WILL get dirty and wet!
We do not provide showers to get completely cleaned up. We have sinks and paper towels to wash hands, arms, and face.
We recommend bringing a towel for a rental car.
Clients must wear closed-toe shoes.

Your Adventure
All riders over 18 can drive. We make two stops on the tour so drivers can switch.
We operate rain or shine, so be prepared to get dirty!
Check-in is 30 minutes prior to scheduled tour time. We are respectful of everyone’s time, so be sure you give plenty of time for your travel to our locations.
Helmets and goggles are provided.
Gloves, dust masks, and ponchos are available upon request.
Seatbelts must be worn at all times while operating the tour.

How fast do we drive?
The guides dictate the pace of the tour. Drivers must follow ALL safety protocols.
This is an eco-adventure. While it is thrilling, safety is our top priority.
We are fortunate to be granted access to the land we operate on, and to show respect for the ‘aina, driving off the preexisting trails is not permitted and will result in your trip ending early.
Guides have the right to suspend tours for any guest who is not following safety protocols.

What should I bring?
All drivers must bring a valid driver’s license.
Water bottle or water flask (plastic bottled water not included)
Valuable items not recommended on tour. Tour operators will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
No personal storage available on site
Reef-safe sunscreen
GoPros are welcome (tour operators are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stole items). Some helmets have mounts — please ask your guides.

What should I wear?
All riders MUST wear closed-toed shoes. Sneakers, water shoes, Crocs, and hiking sandals that cover your toes are all acceptable. Your shoes may get very muddy, so we recommend leaving your new ones at the hotel.
Shorts and T-shirts are perfect, but you will get dirty and possibly very muddy. Dark clothes are recommended, but wearing your “red dirt” stained whites is a great way to remember the adventure!
Our tours operate regardless of the weather, so if it is raining, prepare to get wet.
Bring a light jacket if rain is in the forecast. Weather conditions change quickly, and we go out rain or shine!

Other Restrictions
All drivers MUST be 18 with a valid driver’s license.
People with recent surgeries or neck/back/knee problems are not permitted.
Due to the nature of the tour, pregnant women are not permitted.
No people with serious health conditions allowed on tours.
Drivers MUST be over 25 to drive minors under 18.
NO alcohol, drugs, or smoking permitted on the tour. Guides can refuse guests if they suspect a driver may be intoxicated.

Ericka L wrote a review 03-23-2021
One of the best things we did in Maui!! We were a group of 13 ranging in age from 8 to 69 and we all loved it.The guides were awesome and friendly! The views were breath-taking and the ride was so fun! We went right after it rained so there was plenty of mud to splash in and get dirty! We would totally recommend

david_from_atlanta wrote a review 03/22/2021
Great time making a mess and a lot of memories!
Turning rainy lemons into great family fun lemonade. Tough weather in Kapalua on our ride day, Thursday 3/18, turned into one of the highlights of our entire week on Maui.

With ponchos to protect and a lot of laughs, we made quite a mess and a lot of family memories in our hours with the Maui Adventures Team. The whole crew was top notch from both a safety and fun perspective. Great insights provided about the land we rode on and the surrounding Maui areas and adjacent islands were great interludes to having lots of fun driving / riding in the ATV's. Our three girls are 14 and under and they all had a great time throughout the tour. My wife and I both drove and had smiles the whole time and quite a few hours after as well.

The value for money is well worth the adventure and thanks to our Ritz Concierge for suggesting the outing.