kiteboarding Classes

First Flight-Intro Class

This lesson is the easiest way to try Kite flying!

Duration 1.5 hours

Price $99.00 +tax

Kiteboarding-Intro Class

The best value). This lesson is the fastest way to try Kiting!

Duration 2 1/5 hours

Price $225.00 pp +tax

Discover Kiteboarding Class

The most popular single day lesson). This lesson is a perfect way to start Kiteboarding on Maui!

Duration 3 1/2 hours (Day One)

Price $299.00 pp +tax

Kiteboarding Shared/ Group Classes

Families or couples that want to play together can take the group kiteboarding lesson.


Duration 3 hours

Price $165.00 pp +tax

Kiteboarding Private Training

Private training is available for all levels of kiteboarding

Duration 2 hours or more

Price $89.00 per hour/Per person +tax (Min. 2 Hours)

Kiteboarding Short Course 3-Day

This 3-lesson course includes 9.5 hours of private kiteboarding instruction spread over three days.

Duration 3 days

Price $725.00 pp +tax

Kiteboarding 5-Day Course

This 5-lesson course includes 15 hours of kiteboarding instruction spread over five days.

  • Duration 5 day course

    Price $1150.00 pp +tax

Kiteboarding 10-Day Course

This 10-lesson course includes 30 hours of kiteboarding instruction spread over ten days.

  • Duration 10 day course

    Price $2250.00 pp +tax