Ash Scatterings at Sea

Ash Scatterings at Sea

Duration 1-4 Hours

$700 Base price for the first hour

All Ages Up to 24 People

Honokohau Harbor Departure
Kailua-Kona Pier Departure

Kailua-Kona Pier Departure

Honokohau Harbor Departure

A respectful and fond farewell to your loved one


A return to nature, love of the sea, wishes of the deceased, a nautical background, conservation of land space, are just some of the reasons for selecting ash scattering at sea for the final disposition of cremated remains.

Ash scattering at sea has been an attractive alternative to other forms of interment for many generations. A return to nature, love of the sea, wishes of the deceased, a nautical background, conservation of land space, are just some of the reasons for selecting ash scattering at sea for the final disposition of cremated remains.

We are honored to have been providing this service for families since 1996. To be there for our guests during this time is truly touching. We approach each scattering with reverence, respect, and compassion. Each one is unique and can be tailored to the wishes of the deceased and their family and friends. We have enough experience with ocean ash scatterings to insure a seamless and pleasant memorial at sea.

Our mission is to provide a respectful and fond farewell to your loved one without inflated expenses. We offer a flat rate for a one-hour ash scattering on our custom-built glassbottom boat. You may book additional hour(s) at a discounted rate if you feel you will need more time or would like to travel to a location that will require more time. The boat is covered and provides the perfect venue for a touching celebration of life. We can accommodate up to 24 passengers. We do have a head (restroom on board). You may bring your own food and drinks (including alcohol). You may also bring your music device to plug into our sound system. We can procure flowers for you at an additional fee, otherwise you are welcome to bring your own. We will provide a cooler with ice and drinking water.

Let us know if you would like one of the glass bottom boxes to be transformed into a table for food and drinks and/or to place flowers and pictures. Our daytime scatterings usually depart from the Kailua Kona Pier. If you prefer a scattering at sunset these usually depart from the Honokohau Harbor and will return to the harbor just after sunset.


What to expect:
We will meet your party at the Kailua Pier or Honokohau Harbor, where you will board the boat and get settled. Then, we will head offshore as tropical fish and coral pass below and you view the beautiful Kona shoreline and Hualalai mountain above. Our crew will be coordinating with the captain and a representative from your group, as to the right time for family and friends to say a few words.

Once eulogies and memories are shared, and you feel it is the right time, we will point the bow (front) of the boat downwind, so the ashes can be scattered into the sea. As they float for a short time on the surface, a beautiful white cloud can be seen. Guests toss flowers, ti leaves, and sometimes pour in the loved one’s favorite beverage. Some families choose a traditional Hawaiian Pu’olu or other eco-urn to deposit into the sea. It is customary to circle the flowers a few times to offer a moment of quiet refection. We will send you the GPS coordinates of the location in which the ashes were scattered so you can always go back and say Aloha!

What should I wear? What should I bring?
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You might want to wear sunscreen, although all glass bottom viewing is covered. Don’t forget your camera!

What will we see?
Our boat was designed to allow us access to very shallow water, sometimes just a few feet deep, where you will view more colors than in deeper water. You will see, close up and personal, a myriad of beautiful tropical fish, a wide variety of corals, and many other sea creatures that inhabit the reef and the bay. It is not unusual for us to find a friendly pod of the local Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. If you have already been snorkeling, this is a great way to learn about what you saw and ask questions. Our narrators are knowledgeable and offer fascinating information about the coral reef ecosystem and other related subjects.


Will I get seasick?
Most passengers do not get sick, however as with any boat trip, the possibility is there. The beauty of our tour is that you are not stuck on a boat for an extended period if you should feel uncomfortable.

Boat Info
How many passengers do you carry?
We limit our trips to 24 passengers. This insures that everyone has a great view while seated on our comfortable cushioned benches. Every seat is a “window” seat with a view of the glassbottom, and you are welcome to move around the boat as you please and can go up forward to the bow for sun and photography.

Are the tours wheelchair accessible?
We cannot accommodate wheelchair-confined guests. Our boarding ramp has one small step, and the ramp is about 4’ long. Once you board our boat, there are 4 regular size steps with handrails, down to the deck. Guests using canes and walkers usually have no problem boarding. See photo gallery.

Do you have a restroom on board?
Yes, we do.