‘Alihilani Sunset Sail

‘Alihilani Sunset Sail

Duration 2.5 Hours

Adults ages 13+$95
Children ages 3 12 $67
Infants 2 and under Free

‘Alihilani translates to where the heavenly horizon meets the sea, and we’d like to invite you to meet us there.

Embark on an extraordinary sunset sail with us aboard our vessel ‘Alihilani. The name ‘Alihilani captures the place where the horizon meets the sea, a vision we are excited to share with you.

We will sail in the beautiful Au’Au inter-island channel, allowing for some incredible views of Maui while watching the sunset out at sea.

With abundant room to relax on the forward trampolines and comfortable seating both around and under our spacious cabin, we invite you to relax and enjoy the sounds of the sea as we turn off our motors and raise our sails.

From December to March prepare for the miraculous sight of humpback whales journeying south from Alaska. These magnificent creatures choose our warm, sheltered waters for mating and birthing, offering a rare chance to observe their breathtaking displays of breaching, tail-slapping, and spouting up close.

We look forward to sailing with you.

Sept 22 – March 21: 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
March 22 – Sept 21: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Departing daily
Sept 22 – March 21: 4:00 p.m.
March 22 – Sept 21: 4:30 p.m.
Meet us at Mā’alaea Harbor, slip #72
A selection of hot and cold appetizers
Beverages including water and assorted sodas
Open bar including beer, white wine, and island inspired cocktails
Reef-safe sunscreen
Light jacket recommended during winter months
Limited to 48 Passengers
24-hour cancellation policy on all tours


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have snorkel gear on board?

Yes. We provide snorkel gear and will fit you for correct size. We also have a few optical masks on board, so let us know if you require one and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. If you wish to bring your own gear you are more than welcome.

Should I bring my own towels?

Please do. Sail Maui does not provide towels, however we do keep a small inventory on the boat for purchase.

What else should I bring?

A hat, sunglasses, camera, and reusable water bottle are at the top of our list. If you’re joining us on a sunset sail, especially during the winter months, you may want to bring a light jacket.

Do you accommodate special diets?

We can provide vegetarian or gluten free options through our catering companies, although people with severe nut allergies or who have celiac disease should be aware that we cannot guarantee there has been no cross contamination.

Will the boat go to more than one snorkel spot?

Sail Maui catamarans Paragon and Paragon II go to one snorkel site per trip, although you will also have the option to snorkel from Hulopo’e Beach on our Lana’i trip. We specialize in performance sailing, so rather than motoring around to multiple spots, we’ll hit our favorite and then go for an exhilarating sail.

Why can we not use spray on sunscreen?

Spray-on sunscreen has a tendency to go everywhere, including the deck, which can make maneuvering around the boat quite slippery and hazardous. It’s also generally very toxic to the ocean environment, and we are huge advocates of using reef-safe sunscreen to preserve our marine ecosystem.

What is your cancellation policy?

Sail Maui is temporarily waiving our 24-hour cancellation policy in light of COVID-19. Guests may reschedule or cancel up until the time of departure with a full refund should anyone in their party have symptoms or recent exposure.

Do you provide sunscreen?

Yes, Sail Maui provides reef-safe sunscreen as a courtesy on both of our boats. We highly recommend using ours or another marine friendly sunscreen, as chemicals in conventional brands wash off your skin while snorkeling and can kill coral and promote bleaching.


Will we see dolphins?

We sure hope so! We frequently see dolphins, especially on our Lana’i trip, however, dolphins are wild animals and while we will do our best, we can never guarantee that you will see them or any other wild marine life.

Do you ever cancel your trips?

Unfortunately sometimes we do have to cancel. Most often our cancellations are due to weather, but occasionally we have maintenance issues or our minimum passenger count is not met (6 for Lahaina departures, 8 for Ma’alaea). In the event of a cancellation, we will do our best to be in touch as soon as possible and will either accommodate you on another trip or provide compensation. *Passengers who book through agents will need to see their concierge.

Do you really sail on your trips?

You betcha. Authentic sailing is what we’re all about, and it’s what sets us apart from the rest. If we have wind, we will definitely be sailing, and usually we have plenty.

Western_Traveller wrote a review
These folks do sunset sails - high performance Paragons get the most visibility/bookings. ‘Alihilani is recent addition to fleet. It is larger / "slower" than the Paragons, but less likely to be full, goes out at 4:00 pm vs 4:30 pm for Paragons, so more time on water. We sailed on Alihilani and had great experience. There were roughly 20 pass. We embarked on time and motored to get well out. There was nice wind and we had great run back under full sail with jib. Feb timing meant whales in abundance, and we had lucky sustained views of a competition run of multiple males at full speed jousting around a female. Lot of other whales as well. Crew was friendly and professional, and attentive with drinks and conversation. They took their time to optimize whale encounters and time out on the water, collaborating with other ships, and no sense of being in a rush to get us back to shore. In fact we returned about 45 minutes "late" since we kept encountering whales as we returned to the pier. Very low key about tips as well. That being said, please keep in mind that for crew, tips are a big part of their income. They keep us safe, and I have full confidence in them doing so. In such cases, which is thankfully the norm in Hawaii, I try and be generous in my thanks and tipping.

260allenk wrote a review

Sunset Sailing

Wonderful late afternoon & sunset sail (4-6:30) with Sail Maui on board their 'Alihilani 65ft. catamaran. Beautiful boat, great staff and service. Although we didn't have much wind we were able to sail thanks to Captain Patrick. It was great to enjoy the peaceful landscape, waters and whales of Maui while sailing vs. motoring. It was nice to stay out on the water until 6:30 pm which allows one to enjoy the entire sunset vs. returning at 6:00 pm like most other boats. Aloha and Mahalo to Sail Maui and their staff.


Al and Mary