2 Tank Shallow Reef Boat Dives

2 Tank Shallow Reef Boat Dives
60ft/18m max depth. All experience levels!

Certified Divers -$149
  All rental gear included

Snorkelers/Ride-Alongs - $75.00
includes snorkel equipment

Oahu is part of the most isolated chain of islands in the world! This means that as much as 30 percent of the marine life you’ll see on our reefs cannot be found anywhere else on earth! Aside from this, our reefs are known for their variety of colorful hard corals such as lobe, cauliflower, antler, brain and mushroom. Don’t miss the small stuff! While everyone can appreciate our massive turtles and other large pelagic animals, we stress the importance of the little guys. Our guides are known around the island for finding things other miss such as rare and colorful nudibranchs (sea slugs), frogfish, flourescent shrimp, camouflage octopus and more!

Duration: 4 Hours
Minimum Age: 10+
Location: Waikiki
Availability: All Year

Dive Sites listed below. Site location determined on the day of based on conditions and availability.


TURTLE CANYON -15 to 30ft/5-10m
Its in the name! As many as a two dozen green sea turtles can been seen together here. Take a knee and watch one of the busiest turtle cleaning stations on the island. Several at a time gather to have their shells cleaned by tangs, wrasses and other fish. The turtles are used to divers, so getting a photo with one is usually easy. Don't touch though, these guys are protected by law.

NAUTILUS REEF - 30 to 60ft/10-18m
A great example of Hawaiian hard corals create a nice elongated reef. One of those rare dives where white tips can almost always be found resting under lave rock ledges by day. Massive yellow margin moray eels, leaf scorpionfish, and octopus are also common

HORSESHOE REEF/KEWALO PIPE - 40 to 65 ft/12 - 20m
Another south side double whammy! Horseshoe reef gets its name from its shape. Here you can find several species of eels, pincushion starfish, and antler coral. Swim 50ft/15m to Kewalo pipe. Keep your eyes peeled for spotted eagle rays off in the distance, and follow along this drainage pipe covered in coral and little critters galore.


What To Bring Swimwear, Towels, Reef Safe Sunscreen
What's Included Instructor, Equipment, Snacks & Drinks
Additional Notes Please allow adequate travel time. Check GPS and maps.




Jennifer H
Phoenix, Arizona

Reviewed October 3, 2019

First Class Dive Company

Devin (owner) was our Dive Master for our two tank shallow dive. It was like having a dive butler. Devin took care of everything, from getting our gear ready to making sure my wife had everything she needed. We are both certified. Both dive sites were amazing and Devin made sure we didn't miss anything during the dive. The only negative was Bandai shares a dive boat with other dive companies and because of this the boat was overly crowded. You could barely move around before each dive.