Big Island Hawaii, Kona Manta Ray Tour information

While visiting the Big Island of Hawaii and staying in the Kona area our snorkeling or diving with the Manta Ray tours are a must do experience. On these tours you will learn all about the gentle Manta Rays. The Manta Rays the you will encounter here in our tours are the reef Manta Rays which are the second largest species of Manta Ray. These amazing creatures can get as large as having an 18 foot wingspan. Usually the ones around Kona have about an 11 ft wingspan.  Manta rays are filter feeds which means they filter out and eat plankton by swimming with their mouths open and filtering the plankton as it flows though.  The reef manta rays in Hawaii  live here year round in the waters around the different islands.  What to expect on a tour.After leaving the harbor your crew will go over all the safety items and as you make your way to one of the Manta ray feed areas they will teach all about these magnificent creatures and how to interact with them while in the water.  When snorkeling you will be with others holding on to a flotation board while lights are shinned in the water to attract the Plankton which the feed on. They can come very close to the surface while feeding and occasionally are very close. While diving you are generally on the bottom looking up at them.  We have several Kona Manta Ray tours to choose from so please look them over and feel free to ask any questions that you might have.  

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